GAC-OMA Situates Barge at Ivory Coast Port

29 May 2014 9:59 AM | Anonymous

A 34,125-ton barge was demobilized off the coast of Escravos, Nigeria, and moved to the port of Abidjan in Ivory Coast for maintenance. Upon arrival, GAC worked with TRACE-certified local partner OMA Ivory Coast to provide agency, supplies, crew and logistics support to the barge, Hyundai 60.

Hyundai 60 measured 187 meters long and is equipped with a 1,800-ton crane, GAC said in a statement. The barge had to be carefully maneuvred into Abidjan’s inner anchorage, taking into account strong currents and high voltage electrical cables crossing the channel at 66 meters undefinedthe Hyundai 60 stands 58 meters high, ileaving very little room for error, GAC said.

OMA Ivory Coast coordinated with Abidjan port pilots, arranged tugboats and a power shutdown for the transport.

The GAC-OMA team is preparing for the barge’s remobilization in September to return to Nigeria for the second phase of operations. That will include taking care of the formalities for 300 workers who will be brought in to work on the Hyundai 60 as well as clearance and delivery of ship spares and project equipment.