Reshamsingh Moves Refinery Expansion Cargoes in India

06 Jun 2014 4:56 PM | Anonymous

0 heavy-lifts loaded onto barge for transport from Mumbai to Kochi

Reshamsingh & Co. has handled the loading and unloading of equipment for BCPL’s refinery expansion in Kochi, India, for GR Engineering.

Reshamsingh moved 10 heavy-lifts, each weighing between 70 and 200 tons, as part of the total 5,000-ton shipment, Cargo Equipment Experts CEE said in a statement for its member. The equipment was transported from Mumbai Port to Kochi.

The extremely difficult operation included roll-on/off onto an H & P barge, taking into consideration tidewater schedules. Once the cargoes were discharged at the Ernakulam Wharf at Kochi Port, they were rolled into a temporary storage area.