For first-time members, the membership starts at the beginner level. The intention behind offering membership at the beginner level is to assess the new member's performance throughout the year. "Freight Forwarders Family" has already established a rock-solid reputation in the industry, as our members actively collaborate for mutual benefits, resulting in an increasing shipment volume. Consequently, we are seeking like-minded agents who are proactive in marketing and ready to contribute to the success of our members.

Membership Criterias

- The application must have a visible and active website.

- The applicant must agree to collaborate with the members.

- The applicant must not have been BLACKLISTED on any debt recovery agency website.

- The applicant must have at least two years of existence in the freight forwarding and logistics industry.

Membership Requirements

- The applicant company should provide a legal certificate of incorporation, business licenses, and other relevant certificates.

- The applicant company should furnish three overseas references (non-members or members) from its freight forwarder and logistics partners.

- The applicant company should articulate the tangible benefits it can offer to the members.

Membership Obligations

- Attendance at the annual general meeting is mandatory every two years.

- Required fees must be paid in full and on time.

- Members are expected to provide support to fellow partners within the network.

Membership Fees

Beginner-level membership fee is usd 500/year for 1st office, and applied as same per branch office.

Verified-level membership fee is usd 1000/year for 1st office, and usd 500/year per branch office.

The above fees are based on a per-year (12 months) basis. A branch office is defined as an office located in the same country as the 1st office/headquarters under the same company name. It DOES NOT refer to an office in another country and DOES NOT refer to a sister or sub-company.

Notification: During a company's Beginner-Level membership, please be informed that the payment protection program is disabled (not valid) for both dealing parties. This means that payment protection is only valid for cooperation and invoices between Verified-level members.



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