INO Global Protection (INO GP) is the name of payment protection program to cover possible unpaid invoices between members. It is a unique and exclusive system for the members to protect them against debtor companies. It is formed by contribution of all members and managed directly by 3F management. Members enjoy secure business environment and have much more effective operation process based on built trust bridge. read more...


The nature of real logistics partnering requires certain member quantity limitation per country since it is expected from members to support one another and develop reciprocal traffic between their countries. It creates a unique atmosphere in our association because members don't get lost in hundreds or thousands and have less competition in their own country to get business comparing to any other network. You are invited to enjoy real logistics partnering. read more...


Quality is more important than quantity! This is one of our key success factors. 3F has strict membership requirements to keep certain quality standards for ongoing productivity, development and increasing shipment volume. We don't sacrifice quality for sake of adding more members. 3F ensures trusted global network with local market knowledge and network standards guarantee effective hands-on management and help build lasting relationships. read more...


It is a kind of problem-solving method between members in Freight Forwarders Family Worldwide Agents Network. Case and claim management process is prepared by 3F expertise and various aspects are taken into consideration for smooth dispute handling and fair solutions. You will be supported by the management in case you have any dispute within the association. It is good know in advance how disputes will be resolved and you will be assisted by the network management.


We have Activity Report and Payment Monitoring application to review performance of our members. It helps us to determine agents who put real effort to develop business in our association. In other words, it means that we don't allow and keep agents in 3F who are just waiting to be nominated for shipments. You will support fellow members and will be supported based on mutual benefit. Activity report is a simple form which you need to fill basic information about the shipment such as invoice no, issue date and document no. It can be downloaded from members only area.


Face to Face meeting plays a major part in communication. It is not just how you said something, but also your facial expressions and body posture. Nobody handles his client's cargo with someone never met. It is a vital point in agent networking and it is requested from all agents to join AGM regarding natural philosophy of Country Focused Networking Strategy. Catch human touch, make friends and succeed. Very well organized gatherings, friendly atmosphere and enjoyable functions allow you to maximize your benefits. Creating relationships, energising business.


3F brings you the chance to communicate with all member agents at the same time. You can discuss any topic with your partners via forums in members only area. It consists useful tools such as file management, business partners, blacklist warning service, urgent and regular announcements. Once you completed membership process, username and password are provided exclusively for you. You can enter members only area any time from anywhere. You can update your profile, insert introduction and even create photo album for your shipments. Much more features are available for you.


Unfortunately, there are debtors, blacklist agents and delinquent companies in the industry. "Blacklist Warning Service" is available for 3F members. We are managing three worldwide agent network organizations under INO Networks Group which is one of the leading business and agent network organizations. As a natural result of our abilities and capabilities, there is information flow directly coming us about slow payers, debtors, blacklist agents and delinquent companies in the industry. Moreover, we collect information about these kinds of companies from our contacts, partners, members and the internet.

What we provide is that you are able to reach these database through 3F. "Blacklist Warning Service" is a separate tool from the "Blacklist Agents" on our menu. "Blacklist Warning Service" includes members and non-members together if they are debtor and blacklisted. However, "Blacklist Agents" includes only 3F members if they are debtor or delinquent. Note that there is no debtor, delinquent and blacklisted company in 3F at present. We suggest you to visit and review "Blacklist Warning Service" regularly.


Productivity and reliability are among our top priorities. Therefore, 3F prefers to enlarge with recommendation of current members. It indicates that 3F accepts tried and tested companies as new members since it is recommended by one of the old members. It ensures that we keep certain quality standards. We encourage members to invite their partners among Freight Forwarders Family and offer one year complimentary membership for the member if five recommended companies join 3F.


3F members are handling and managing complex shipments in all over the world. These success stories should be known on global scale so we prepare announcements and newsletters to increase the reputation of concerned member agents. We promote our members with many tools in and out of the association, also members are updated and informed about the latest developments and regulations in the industry through e-newsletter. Registered & Protected Protection Status