The Covid-19 pandemic still leads to numerous restrictions that affect both the economy and private individuals. Despite the ban on large gatherings, connection and social interaction are still a crucial part of human life. Businesses have found innovative ways to bring people together to share their experiences and build cooperations, while still adhering to social distancing rules and guidelines. As a result of Covid-19 restrictions, many event organizers prefer virtual events instead of physical events.

We believe that building and strengthening business relationships has become more crucial than ever due to the continuous challenges of pandemic. Since we are unable to meet in-person with our members in physical events, we have decided to organize the online one-to-one meeting.

We are thrilled to announce you that Freight Forwarders Family Worldwide Agents Network's Online One-To-One Meeting will be held during 13, 14, 15 September 2021. This will be a three-day online event that is dedicated to help you build new business relationships, strengthen existing ties and make new acquaintances. You will meet with fellow members online while remaining safe at the comfort of your homes/offices.

Here are the some benefits of attending online one-to-one meeting:

* Stay safe and healthy
* Save on time and travel costs 
* Get benefit of reasonable registration fee
* Gain valuable knowledge about your partners in the comfort of your home/office
* Reach more partners easily with a lot of sessions
* Access your partners from anywhere in the world in your own time zone
* Speed up the process of finding new partners

Registration Fee

 Per Delegate
 usd 157
*Above rate is valid for members.
*Non-refundable, non-transferable to any party or next year.

Above meeting registration fee includes;

+ Event arrangement, administration and coordinating
+ Access to online one-to-one meeting scheduler
+ Connection to the video calling software 
+ 126 one-to-one meeting slots (30 minutes each) in 3 days
+ Exclusively designed social media sharings for each company and delegate
+ Promotional email marketing
+ Meeting participation certificate
+ Pre, during and post event assistance from 3F team


Online one-to-one meeting scheduler will be activated on 02 September 2021, Thursday and it will be closed on 10 September 2021, Friday.

Below are the key information about the online one-to-one meeting;

* Date and time of your own country will be shown on your screen
* Screenshare for showing documents, presentations etc.
* Coverage of different time zones. The scheduler shows the local time per invited company when scheduling the meetings
* Maximum 4 persons in a session, max. 2 delegates per company in group scheduling
* Two minutes before the end of the video call, a “pop-up message” will indicate that the meeting will end
* The session of the scheduler will automatically close at the end of every meeting
* The scheduler is available as an App. for mobile phones (Apple & Android)
* The meeting scheduler only works on Chrome and Firefox on desktops and laptops

Becoming a sponsor is a great chance to stand out and expand your company's visibility in the industry. We highly suggest not to miss this opportunity to promote yourself and your company as a key player of the event. We offer you two sponsorship packages as Platinum and Gold. Each one includes different promotional advantages, you can select according to your budget and strengthen your brand accordingly. Moreover, you will receive a certificate that can be displayed to your customers, partners and community. This will state that you are a sponsor of 3F Online One-to-One Meeting and that you are doing your part to support 3F GLOBAL EVENTS.

Have a question?

Please scroll through these commonly asked questions below and if yours doesn’t appear, please feel free to email us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can i attend to the online one-to-one meeting?

Only registered members can attend to the event. Attendees must register on our website.

What do i need to participate the online one-to-one meeting?
Microphone and camera connected to a laptop or PC needed for the one-to-one meetings. It is also available as an App. for mobile phones (Apple & Android), but we recommend the delegates to use a laptop or PC with the browsers Google Chrome and Firefox for the best use of the system.

How will the one-to-one meeting work?
*Online one-to-one meeting platform will be opened for 3 days (13, 14, 15 September 2021)
*Attendees will be able to block one-to-one meeting times in advance, according to their time zones
*Like in physical events, you will be able to pre-schedule your meetings a few weeks before the start of the meeting
*In meeting days, your one-to-one meeting scheduler will have a link to connect with video to the partner
*Make sure that you have a camera and a microphone connected to your computer (Laptop/PC)

Can i share my screen during the video call meeting?
Yes, you can share your screen. You will be prompted to choose which screen you want to share, then you can show your company presentation to your partner.

When can i access to one-to-one meeting platform?
Once you paid and completed your registration to the event, we will send your login details. You will need to log in to the platform in Block-Only mode so that you will be able to block the time-slots, which you are not available, as per your own time zone. Event is for 3 days straight, but it is most likely not possible for you to have non-stop one-to-one meetings all the time. (You must be awake for 3 days to do this!) That’s why you need to indicate to your fellow members, when you are free to have one-to-one meetings. So you need to block the individual time slots that you are not available for a meeting.

When can i start to pre-schedule/set my online one-to-one meetings?
Like in physical events, you will be able to pre-schedule your meetings a few weeks before the start of the meeting. One-to-one meeting scheduler will be activated for scheduling on 02 September 2021, Thursday. Before the activation, you are required to log in and block the hours that you will not be available for meetings. You need to complete scheduling before 10 September 2021, Friday.

When will the online one-to-one meeting start?
Our event will start at 09:00 am UTC+3 on September 13th and will last until 24:00 UTC+3 on September 15th 2021. You will need to follow your own schedule that you can download on the system. Delegates will see their agendas according to their own time zones.

How long does a one-to-one meeting take?
Each online one-to-one meeting is 30 minutes long. Taking in consideration that 20 minutes one-to-one meeting might be sufficient in some cases, the rest of the allotted time will allow the participants to prepare for the next one-to-one meeting, grab a coffee, and so on. But if the conversation calls for it, then you can take advantage of 30 minutes fully.

Can i transfer my registration to my colleague?
Yes, if you are unable to participate online one-to-one meeting, you can substitute a colleague to take your place at no extra charge. Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable if offering a replacement isn't possible. If you need to make a change in your registration, changes will be processed on a complimentary before the online one-to-one scheduler closure date, 10 September 2021. However, we do not guarantee that the meeting documents/materials will show the revised information.

Where can i see the participant list?
Participant list will be visible on our website and online one-to-one meeting platform. Please click here to see the attendee list.

                                                      THANKS TO OUR GOLD SPONSOR!


+ Please feel free to contact us via info[AT] Registered & Protected Protection Status