don't get lost in hundreds or thousands...enjoy real logistics partnering, NOT picnic type...

The nature of real logistics partnering requires certain member quantity limitation per country since it is expected from members to support one another and develop reciprocal traffic between their countries. It creates unique atmosphere in our association because members don't get lost in hundreds or thousands and have less competition in their own country to get business comparing to any other network.

Networking: it's more than shaking hands, exchanging business cards and drinking cocktail...We are sure that when you think of networking, many different things come to your mind. The reality is that networking is happening all the time. Every person you come in contact has the potential to help you succeed and achieve your targets in business life. However, when you meet with new people, it's not just about "how can they help you?" you should focus on and have in mind that "how can you help them?", otherwise you can't create additional value for yourself. Make yourself worthy of being connected by all business contacts!

We invite you to enjoy REAL LOGISTICS PARTNERING, NOT PICNIC TYPE. Please let us mention that member quantity limitation was decided by our members in 2009 via survey and we were accepting members based on this survey results as three agents per country. In 2016, we did a new evaluation and decided to accept maximum six members per country excluding big markets such as China, India and U.S.A. It is kindly required from all members to attend Annual General Meetings since we accept limited number of agents per country and members are looking forward to seeing partners in the events.